Willys Jeep Wheel Bearings

by Carl Walck

Believe it or disbelieve it, packing your wheel bearings is a reasonably simple process and one you can likely do yourself. Whether you are using your present bearings or a new set, you will need some grease and those wheel bearings. A good wheel bearing grease will state on the label: High temp rating, resists softening, superior load-carrying capability, corrosion suppressants, water resistance, and anti-wear claims. Be sure to check this because most grease (particularly the overall purpose ones) will fall down short of temp limits.

When you start, ensure you rub grease into all the nooks and crannies in the specific wheel bearing. There is a lot of small spaces for the grease to get into so be sure not to miss anything.

Then take a piece of bearing grease in your hand (most likely left hand) and start at the edge of the pile of grease and squeeze it through a little at a time. Do this a touch at a time until the grease pops from between the rollers on the top side. Once that happens, turn the bearing just a little bit to start working on the new area. When you do this, you really push the bearing grease to the inner areas that you can't see. Note: You ought to be employing a press and slide motion like you are making an attempt to scrape the grease off your hand.

After you complete this process round the entire wheel bearing, wash the bearings out. Do not spin them in the air hose! It'll mark the races because there isn't any lube. Additionally, I have heard stories of rollers flying out of the cage and causing injury.

The routine maintenance of rear wheel bearings is frequently disregarded because there are not any grease fittings. Right above the rear spindle tube at the outer-most edges at each of the ends you can see a tiny plug (made out of metal) with a slotted screwdriver head. This metal plug should be removed and you must instal a temporary grease zerk. Then, go forward and grease the bearing through this zerk ONLY using wheel bearing grease. Do Not USE REGULAR Framework LUBE!

You only need a couple of squirts and be certain not to over lubricate as the excess grease will probably run out onto your brake shoes which will end up in brake failure. Lubricate these bearings once a year or each 10,000 miles!

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