Why People Decide To Buy Private Number Plates

by Kristina Sampson

Since British number plates were first introduced in 1904, people have become fascinated with purchasing their unique personal number plate to represent their name, their hobbies or a special number significant to them. The DVLA accounts for all British number plates manufactured in the United Kingdom, and every year number plate auctions are held where previously unreleased private number plates can be bought.

There is always an enormous variety of private number plates for sale at any one time. These can be bought either from a DVLA number plate auction, or they could be purchased from a broker. The cost of a personal number plate depends entirely on the popularity and the demand for the actual number and letter combinations which consumers choose to utilise. For instance, 51 NGH (Singh) is quite popular, and for that reason was sold for 254,000 way back in 2006.

For other people researching available private number plates for sale, they may wish to decide on a plate which represents them personally. For example, they may want to combine their initials or nickname together with the year of their birth, or perhaps they might want to utilise their child's birthday. Other motorists may like to adapt the name of their favourite football team or hobby. Number plates could also reflect events that are occurring nationally, such as the Olympics are creating requests for plates like G444 MES (games) and JUM 8P (jump).

Choosing a private number plate can cost a lot of cash and some individuals like to use this as a status of their wealth or position. They may enjoy knowing that people will recognise them when they are out and about, though many celebrities prefer to choose a standard registration plate in order to prevent media attention.

It's the job of the DVLA to make certain no number plates are available which may cause offence. Rules and restrictions have become much stricter in recent years so the blend of letters and numbers on the number plate can't be misinterpreted.

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