Why New Ford Is A Safe And A Fuel Efficient Car

by Goldie Booker

New Ford Twin Cities are in the business of distributing ford vehicles only. The cars may range from family cars to commercial trucks. The vehicles are available in different models and in different engine capacity. The brand is sold globally and it has a large work force which exceeds 200,000 people.

The brands main branch is located in the USA in Dearborn Michigan. This brand is part of ford motors. The company has set up about 90 assembly factories all over the globe; this helps to cut delivery costs as well as aid in fast delivery of finished cars and spare parts to dealers. The motor company also manufactures other global brands like; Mercury, Volvo and Lincoln.

These vehicles have one of the best safety records in this automotive business. These cars are fitted with air bags which are very vital in times of crashes or when the vehicle rolls; the airbags help to minimize serious injuries to occupants. The airbag system which is standard in all the brand vehicles is fitted with sensors in order to deploy fast in terms of seconds.

The new models are being fitted with modern devices to improve safety as well as to improve the driving experience. These new devices greatly assist drivers in; parking, sticking to the lane, showing direction and cruising. These cars are also very fuel efficient compared to previous models.

A potential buyer can order them from a dealer through the internet or he or she can just buy from the dealership. The employees will happily answer any questions you may have regarding the car. They also teach and show buyer how the car works as well as how to use the gadgets.

new ford Twin Cities are well positioned in order to well serve its clientele. They display their cars elegantly in order to attract new as well as existing clients. They also offer great deals on their vehicles and spare parts to clients. Their automobiles are affordable to many.

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