What You Need To Know About Specialty License Plates

by Stephanie Skinner

Drivers in Florida have the option of choosing non standard registration tags for their automobile. Florida specialty license plates raise funds for various organizations or causes. There are a variety of creative options to choose from. Plates can be purchased at any time whether or not it is time for renewal.

It is a voluntary program but does have fees connected with it. The costs are based on the type of design you choose. There is an annual use fee once you purchase the special licensing for your car. Monies go towards the particular cause.

Basically there is a specialty plate for just about any organization you can think of. There are always new ones to choose from although they do have specific guidelines to join the program. Some of the various choices include universities, environmental, military, sports or other categories of interest.

The University of Florida specialty plate has been the favorite of residents for a number of years. Second choice of motorists is the State University. Other popular designs include various organizations that support environmental issues such as sea life specifically manatees, dolphins and turtles.

A popular option for the licensing program is that a gift certificate for plates can be purchased and given away as gifts. It makes for an awesome birthday present idea as car license plates expire on birthdays. The person that receives the certificate has their choice of category and design. Be aware that no refunds or exchanges are given for this plan.

There are several states that offer a variety of license plate designs for their drivers to choose from. florida specialty license plates are a great way to show your support for an organization or cause that you believe in. The many different kinds of designs give a unique look to the automobiles.

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