What Would You Do If You Are Involved In A Car Accident Arlington?

by Charlie Hernandez

You might imagine that every Car Accident Arlington always cause casualties due to immense news about the accident in TV. Fortunately, there are a lot more people who survived than died in car accidents. Unfortunately, most of the people don't have any clue about the things that they have to do. This is a basic knowledge that everyone should possess, and it is easy.

The prime thing that you must do is absolutely weigh up your physical state. Do you have any injuries? Was your head knocked? If so, is there any blood coming out from your nose or are you hearing a ringing? If you are experiencing those signs, do NOT move unless you completely need to do that. Those signs signify that you might have a very grave injury. If you have your mobile phone, immediately dial 911 to report about what has happened. Give your location if you can.

If you finish assessing yourself and aware that you are okay, try to look at the passengers in your car and help them if they need it. You might have to assist them to get out of the car, stop their bleeding, or maybe just talking to them to know whether they are not confused. If fire appears, it is critically important to get every passenger out from the car as soon as possible. This is vital even though the fuel tank does not explode in order to prevent anybody get burned or suffocated by the fumes.

If all of your passengers are saved, try to look at people in other vehicles. They might need help from you. If they do need your help, do the same thing as you did to the people in your own car.

In case you do not have your own cell phone, find someone who has it and make them 911 or you might borrow the phone and do the emergency call yourself.

If there are some people who are dizzy, suggest them to lie down while waiting the emergency help to come.

Never forget that some non-deadly injuries might make people pass out. Lying them down is a great way to keep their consciousness and prevent any further injuries that may take place when the people are passing out.

If you feel you are lucky enough to move your vehicle from the street, you may do that. But please keep an eye to the traffic so you will not get twice car accident in a day. Many people who are strong enough to survive a car injury lost their lives in because of other vehicles that come to the scene several minutes after the initial accident.

Even if you are not injured at all and your vehicle only damaged slightly, you are not allowed to leave the scene. This is done mostly to the favor of insurance purposes. However, some states also have laws that forbid you to leave the scene before the police arrive. In this case, you might have to do the breathalyzer test.

While waiting, you might exchange your insurance information with other drivers' that are involved in the accident. This will be needed for the insurance company to determine who must be liable and pay the damages. Finally, make sure that you write the name and the phone number of the drivers.

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