What To Expect From Valet Parking

by Marguerite Stanton

There are various things to be aware of when using valet parking Los Angeles services. You need to be aware of the job they do, when to tip them and how to make sure you can get the best service from them. With the right approach you can get value for money and keep your vehicle protected.

It is important to be aware of what they are doing. The idea is that they have to keep vehicles moving to keep the front of a building clear and prevent the build up of traffic. Therefore this often means they often have a lot of vehicles to move, especially at busy times.

Therefore it is important to recognize how the process works. When you come to the front of a building note how the person in front of you acts. They should wait until the valet opens the door for them, usually opening the door for women first. At this point they will explain how much their service costs and you can arrange for when you wish to pick up the vehicle.

Often they will inform you of how much the service costs, the closing time and when they will send round your vehicle. Alternatively if you have to leave after the closing time they will inform you of the pick up point to find the vehicle. During this time it is best to let them know of any problems such as sticking doors, how the alarm works and so on.

Equally it is your responsibility to tell them any problems with your vehicle. For example you should let them know how the car alarm works or how to open the door. This will help to prevent any unnecessary delays.

Finally you pay your tip when the valet parking los angeles driver returns with your vehicle and everyone is ready to be picked up. In some cases the company that hires them may forbid tipping and they should inform you of this either via signs or the valet will tell you themselves.

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