What To Consider When Buying A Trailer Hitch Bike Rack

by Jasmine Cummings

If you happen to be the owner of both a car and a bicycle then you might have thought about buying a trailer hitch bike rack at some point. You may think you may never need one but at some time a trip may come up and having the rack may be the difference between leaving you bike behind or going with it. Since there are many options in the market, you should consider a few key issues before buying one.

The number of bicycles to be carried should be at the top of your list. There are a variety of shapes and sizes of bike racks to choose from. There are those that carry only one and there are those that can accommodate even four. The racks you buy will depend largely on the number of bikes you have to carry.

Individuals will also want to look into where it will go on their car. Some racks can be mounted on the boot, roof or rear door of the car. Depending on your preference you will want to look for the racks that goes where it is most convenient for you.

Those that can be mounted on the roof of your car have the benefit of not being in the way. The bikes will not be in your line of vision and they will not block you from getting to the trunk. The main disadvantages of roof racks are that they are hard to install and also mounting and dismounting the bikes might be trouble.

Being quite cheap and easier to use, many people may go for rear or trunk mounted racks. Their installation and removal can also be quite faster and simpler to do when you are finished with them. However they obscure the trunk area.

When on the search for a trailer hitch bike rack ensures that you shop for the right prices around in the area. Remember you will also need to buy the trailer as well. You can get them all at a cheaper price if you buy them together.

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