What To Consider In Parking Garage Construction Design

by Laura Gallagher

One of the most appealing parts of your house is the design in the parking garage construction. However, most people do not have a clue on how to go about with its designing and will have hard time to make their idea practical, attractive and well organized. The design will depend on a number of factors that includes its size, the vehicles you are expecting to park and other purpose that it may be used to meet. To come up with the right design a few consideration need be addressed.

Be informed on the type of the structure to construct. The designs may come in two kinds, lights and heavy loads. The light type is concerned with relatively small vehicles that usually have two to four wheels and their tonnage weight will not warrant highly compacted surface. On the other hand, heavy loads are the earth moving vehicles that require the surface to be compacted to prevent damage on the floor.

Consider the maximum capacity of the vehicles that will occupy the parking lot. A general plan should be plotted to show how many motors will occupy the lot and their size. It should also include the ability of vehicles to navigate within such lot. More so, safety measures such emergency doors should be included in the plan.

Good structure management will require the design to optimize the space available. The space will be well optimized if the shape to be used shall rhyme with the perimeters provided. Parallel designed lots will be well fashioned for rectangular areas. You can also use stalls to ensure that the whole space is utilized.

Traffic routes should be devised to ensure that the flow of vehicles inside the garage is well catered for. This is achieved by ensuring the dimensions as well as the angles are accurately designed. Ensure that there is no collision between exiting and entering vehicles and such does not happen when they circulate within the lot.

Make sure that the garage is properly marked to ensure that the user is well informed on the size of the parking space. The markings need to be clear and easy to understand so that everyone will be able to get the instructions. Put in mind that any sign need to be place in a visible point.

Consider the drainage system within the garage and its surrounding at the early stages of construction. The drainage system has to be clear to pave way for a perfect flow of sediments off the parking lot so as to prevent clogging of such materials. The functioning of the system will even be more important if you are to use the lot to wash the motors. The soil sub grade will also need preparation for stability and to enhance break up resistance when exposed to heavy loads.

The material to use in the Parking Garage Construction is important to factor in. Asphalt is the most commonly used due its compactness whilst some will have permeable pavements and concretes as the main materials. This means that when the right material is used and none of the procedure is overlooked, you will incur less cost to maintain your lot in the future.

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