What Do you'll need To think about To Safely drive In Winter

by Emma Sophie Bentley

Are you currently ready for winter driving?Winter tires like the Hankook I*Pike are ideal for winter roads - offering maximum steering response and stability.(NC)-With summer in the rear-view mirror and Jack Frost knocking at the door, it is time to think about winterizing your automobile.

"With unpredictable weather conditions, Canadian winters are difficult for only probably the most seasoned motorists, putting extra demands on your automobile and driving skills," says Bill Hume, Vice President of Hankook Tire Canada. "Every driver should produce a complete seasonal checklist to ensure they and their households are ready to handle the components head on."

In other words, begin considering mechanical upkeep and winter tires lengthy prior to you see snowflakes falling. Here are a few issues you can do to help your car get through winter months and maintain from obtaining caught within the cold:

* Alter Your Oil:

The change in seasonal temperatures may also dictate changing to some thinner viscosity engine oil to more efficiently lubricate moving parts in colder conditions. Check your cars user guide for fluid recommendations.

* Think about Winter Tires:

Winter tires have added groove capacity, which helps dispel excess snow out of your tires. Winter tires are also made of a softer compound, offering extra traction in colder temperatures. Hankook's winter I*Pike tire, equipped with v-shaped tread, is an ideal answer for winter roads - offering maximum steering response and stability.

* Check Your Battery:

With cold climate comes increased power demand: defrosters, windshield wipers and heating systems can truly take a toll in your automobile battery. For a simple battery test, run your vehicle's headlights before beginning the engine. If you notice that your vehicle's headlights get brighter as soon as you start the engine, more extensive battery tests may be needed.

* Prepare A Crisis Kit:

The Ministry of Transportation recommends keeping a winter survival kit inside your vehicle. Having essential supplies can provide comfort and safety for you and your passengers within the event of an emergency. Some of the essential items include: ice scraper/snowbrush, shovel, sand or other traction aid, booster cables, flashlight, initial aid kit, a blanket and a spare winter tire.

It's also essential to remain alert, slow down, and stay in control - the three key components of safe winter driving. Drive according to highway and climate conditions, and maintain an eye on your car's maintenance throughout the season. Be prepared and don't let winter ruin your road trips.

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