Volkswagen Dealers Have A Wide Selection

by Goldie Booker

In Springfield Volkswagen dealers offer economical and well designed cars. They come in many designs, models and colors. Ranging from compact Jettas to luxury sedans, the city's fleet of new and used VWs gives consumers a broad range of attractive choices.

Known for their good gas mileage and endurance on the road, you will not be taking this model into the shop very often. This is important to many car buyers who are trying to save money in a bad economy. Now, you can put your funds in other places besides gasoline.

Despite their small size, VWs are surprisingly roomy in the interior. In addition, safety is not compromised and the cars can withstand a good deal of collision pressure, protecting the occupants inside. The cars are tested with safety and performance in mind.

The VW Beetle, often called the Bug in slang, is an iconic vehicle. Not only has it starred in movies as a lead character, but it has also been featured in many supporting roles as well. The Volkswagen Van has often been associated with different slices of American including the famous Woodstock Music Festival. Three models have been in the top ten of all time vehicle sales. These models are the Beetle, the Golf and The Passat.

Although VW is often seen as synonymous with smaller cars, the company has branched out and expanded its fleet to include larger models as well. The luxurious Phaeton, a full-sized vehicle, has been offered to consumers since 2006. It defies the VW stereotype of being a smaller car.

Springfield Volkswagen Dealers have an expansive selection of new and used vehicles for sale. Spend a few hours there sometime and see for yourself. There are many choices such as sporty, compact and larger sedans. You can enjoy yourself for the day and ask plenty of questions before deciding to purchase.

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