Vapor Lock and Willys Jeeps

by Carl Walck

There's little more annoying than to have your vehicle stop dead at a stop light and not have it start again. In most cases, this suggests you have fall victim to shortage of gas due to vapor lock or engine flooding.

There are 2 main sorts of fuel issues that tend to affect our old Willys Jeeps. One is the dreaded vapour lock which is due to petrol percolation. Percolation is caused by the gas being heated satisfactorily to turn the liquid gas into a gas vapour. The newer gasoline is rather more susceptible to evaporating. This difficulty has a tendency to happen in the metal gas line because it's routed close to a hot engine. The line doesn't actually have to touch any bit of the engine for it to get hot enough for percolation to occur.

2 things make a contribution to percolation, low fuel pressure or a slight leak in the line. The leak will not essentially be clear under normal circumstances so it is very hard for somebody to spot. It will allow vapors to escape only under higher than standard pressure. Low fuel pressure is the results of a poor operating fuel pump or the result of a leak.

The fix is to first check all fuel lines for possible leaks. This is particularly significant at all connections. Second, go forward and reroute the fuel lines away from the engine. Third, install an electrical fuel pump as close to the gas tank as practicable along with a pressure regulator so you can maintain 5 to 6 psi. Be certain to route the wiring thru the ignition switch circuit!

An emergency cut off pressure switch can also be installed. It'll automatically cut off the fuel pump if the oil pressure happens to drop due to engine blockage and the ignition is still on.

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