Ute Tool Boxes for Tradesmen

by Fran Chiefly

Toolboxes, fitted at the back of utes have become more and more popular with tradesmen and hobbyists. Ute owners are spending big on toolboxes made from various retailers. Ute toolboxes are available in small hardware shops, car accessories shops, and larger operators such as Supercheap Auto and Bunnings. Most toolboxes can be fitted with minimal effort. Small rubber lining strips which adapt the toolbox to the tray are available for most ute models.

With regulations & safety restrictions introduced by insurance companies and other big operations, toolbox makers have introduced new features to meet the new requirements. Some of these new features include rust proofing, dust protection and durability. Operations such as large mines in Australia and the US, operate sensitive machinery that often needs to be moved into limited access areas. This strengthens the need for a tough, durable product, which can adapt quickly to changing conditions

Price ranges vary between different outlets and different types of toolboxes. For light operators there are light aluminium boxes that sell for as low as $150. These boxes can be suitable for the inner city tradesman who has limited need for off road driving and stays mainly sealed roads. Inner city use seldom involves the repetitive shocks that wear out the toolboxes.

At the middle of the range ($300-$800) will find most available options. Major brands in this field include Dee Zee, Ute Locker, Deflecta-Shield, Delta and Titan. Toolboxes in this range can cater for off road usage, but may not be suited to some sensitive tasks. These products are a good choice for the majority of users.

At the top of the range we find prices from $1000 to $2000 and upwards. These ute toolboxes are made with high quality steel components and recently also polyurethane (hardened). They boxes range from tougher versions of the above brands, to heavy duty options for hazardous materials & sensitive machinery. Shelving options are also available, which separate the toolbox space into compartments.

Flip covers are an alternative. These covers turn your entire tray space into a sealed unit. No where near as functional or sturdy as standard ute toolboxes, but they can be suitable if you need lots of space, and to be able to vacate the tray in a hurry. The cover panels are lightweight and easy to operate.

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