Using Dash Lights For Emergencies

by Elinor Tran

Police officers mostly use dash lights to signal to members of the public that they can go to them for help. They also use them for emergency reasons and for other road users to give way. It is necessary that these power sources are bright and can be seen from far.

Motorists who want to know how fast they are going can check speed meters placed on the highways which are flashing numbers. Oranges and yellows are usually used so that they can bring attention the drivers.Dark colors such as blacks and grays are never used as they are not eye catching.

Fire department trucks need to be excused in times of emergencies. Because sometimes it is difficult to know this, they may use these lights to inform the public to stay away from a certain area. Construction involves doing dangerous work that can lead to serious injury or death and employing these can help in communicating between crew.

In wintry weather, visibility may be drastically reduced which increases the chance for auto mobile accidents. Placing these energy sources can help motorists and pedestrians to navigate the roads and highways easily.They can also be used as detour guides when new roads are being added to the highways.

Routine maintenance should detect if the lighting is not working at its optimum level. This can prevent ramming into parked police cars or construction crew who are at work. These workers are always at risk due to the type of jobs they do and therefore any measures that can prevent them from getting hurt or killed should be implemented.

Dash Lights are continually being improved. With new technology, they are now available as LEDs which stands for liquid crystal displays. This means that they can be seen from all angles. The rays can therefore travel further and wider making alerts and notifications easy to see.

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