Using A Truck Mounted Spreader

by Freida Lamb

There are several different options available for people who need to disperse certain substances over varying amounts of land. Some crops require a large industrial vehicle to deliver enough pesticide or fertilizer uniformly throughout the acreage to insure proper development. Other sizable tasks that may not warrant such an elaborate system, may be accomplished through the use of a truck mounted spreader.

There are any number of situations when spreading substances over the ground is a necessary task. For such jobs, there are dispersal units in many styles and sizes to complete just such a process. Units that attach to tractors, an ATV or a pick-up truck can easily handle athletic fields and decent sized orchards.

Compared to industrial vehicles, these units are very economical and quite user friendly. The process by which they are installed is a relatively quick and easy one. They are made to attach directly to a ball hitch unit on the truck's bumper.

The majority of these units require a two inch hitch for a proper fit. The spreader has a sleeve attachment that snugly goes over the ball for a secure mount. All of the harnesses for wiring and electrical clips are included with the product.

The power source for this device comes directly from the pickup. The cables and clips that come with the unit are designed to connect into the vehicle's existing electrical system. This will operate the 12-volt motor and speed control option.

There several models to handle various types of products to ensure that the job is done correctly. This is an important factor when purchasing the unit. One would not want to buy a device that is made to handle fine substances such as seeds to try and disperse a chunky matter such as mulch. Likewise, a compost spreader would not be very effective at doling out even amounts of granulated fertilizer.

Pick-up mounted spreaders are available in several different styles and sizes. The bins are usually of either 1.5 or 3 bushel capacity. It is feasible to cut the time spent reloading by purchasing a unit with a double hopper.

Usually, non-industrial units that need to handle large areas are set to disperse finer substances like seeds or granular style fertilizers and lime. They provide a quick, even spread over the designated area in dependable patterns. This reliability is controlled by a cast aluminum fan that regulates the amount of product that passes through the chutes.

Maintenance costs are kept at a minimum because cast aluminum is a durable product. It is possible to find units that can be fitted with different attachments to allow the device to switch from a fine dispersal pattern to a thicker one. This might be very useful in circumstance that require the frequent use of various types of substances.

A truck mounted spreader can handle the same job as an industrial sized vehicle but at more than half the cost. For certain tasks, they may even be easier to handle and are definitely cheaper to operate. A large project can easily be completed with this economical device.

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