Use Mapquest To Get Free Driving Directions

by John Ohiggins

Mapquest offers free driving directions and digital maps, I have been using mapquest driving directions for more than thirteen years, thanks to this great oline mapping service I have been able to save thousands of miles and probably hundreds of thousands of dollars too.

This is one of the oldest internet mapping sites, the service was launched online in 1996, after 15 years this web mapping company is still considered one of the best, however, Google Maps is currently considered the number one online mapping site in the world, but I think that their directions service is still more popular and maybe even more reliable in North America.

Now you can even access this service through any mobile device that allows you to browse the web, all you have to do is open up your phone's browser and visit their mobile site, or you can download the free m4m app. The MQ app for mobile offers very interesting features like Skyhook technology and voice guided navigation.

Most drivers that use the internet know that the directions that this site provides are accurate, short, quick, and easy to understand, I have been using this service for a very long time and till this day it has never failed me, not even once, the service is so good that now even my dad and my mom are using it, and they don't even know how to use email.

The AOL maps website was probably one of the first online mapping websites that I used, after using this service for a while I became really addicted to internet mapping programs, since then I have been trying and testing most of the free online mapping websites, by now I have been able to use services such as Via Michelin, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, and Expedia. After doing a lot of testing, I still believe that AOL's online mapping website and Google Maps are the best.

If you are in Europe, don't forget to use ViaMichelin, I think that Michelin is the most popular online mapping site in Europe, they offer free driving directions and interactive maps with high resolution. Another European online mapping software that's very popular is Mappy, however, mappy only works on french speaking countries, while Via Michelin is available in most countries around the world. I live in the United States, so I use Map Quest and Google Maps a lot, but when I go to Europe, I like to use ViaMichelin.

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