Types Of Motor Homes

by Richard Horowitz

As you may know from our previous articles, motor homes have different classifications. A few weeks back we told you about the recreational vehicle (RV), or Type A. Then we reviewed Type B motor homes, these are the van camper and travel trailer.

Type C motor homes are often called mini-motor homes. These often have the same amenities of larger motor homes, and can be ordered with quite luxurious amenities, but these mini-motor homes are much easier to handle on the road than the larger recreational vehicle. Type C mini-motor homes range in price between $5,000 and $20,000 used and up to $65,000 used.

Next would be the Fifth Wheel motor home - sounds interesting, but what is it? This is the "L" shaped trailer you see being pulled by large pick up trucks. And if you can afford it, you can have them stocked with all sorts of amenities. They are similar to the travel trailer, because Fifth Wheel motor homes can be parked while you go camping, as you use your vehicle to do all the exploring you wish.

A lot of families like the truck camper for several good reasons. They are more affordable than most others because you can get one from $8,000 to $22,000 brand new. These work well for those that are single, or parents and kids. This is a basic type of motor home good for anyone who's on a budget.

If you love camping, the pop ups would be good for you and your family. Think about them as mobile tents of sorts - if you're new to the RV game, you can certainly go for these. These pop-ups can sleep from two to eight people. They come complete with a storage section and stove top in a makeshift kitchen. However, you may not get the protection from weather and other elements you would normally get, because there is less room and mere canvas serving as protection.

Have a quick chat with people you know who are RV owners. You can broaden your research by going to RV shows when held at your location, and choose the best RV or motor home that would suit your needs.

Figure out how you wish to spend your vacations on an RV. Are you going to be vacationing in one area or are you going to be exploring a different area each day and staying in different places each night? For your vacation, you have to ask yourself when you wish to go. You wouldn't want to take a pop up, for instance, when going on a ski trip. How much can you spend for gas? Take note that most recreational vehicles only go about five to eight miles per gallon, and there are 100 gallons to fill, so you'll need a rather sizeable budget for gas. Do you have to be more cost conscious? Then you would be better suited to drive a mini motor home.

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