Troubleshooting Cummins Diesel Engines For Sale

by Laura Gallagher

When troubleshooting your Cummins diesel engines for sale, you first have to check fuel quality, since each engine is subjected to issues on the fuel system. Fuel that is contaminated will slow or stop the motors. If that vehicle ran correctly until the time when refueling was done, it is possible that fuel became contaminated.

Fuel that is of the number one type or your anti-gel additive must be added when this enging will lose power caused by cold weather. A kind of fuel that is regular tends to become gel in extremely cold temperatures. This makes your engine become sluggish aside from being hard to start up.

Next, you should have the injection system checked. Injectors have to be clean so this supplies every cylinder with appropriate amounts of fuel. Inspect your individual injector lines in a visual way for any damage. Also, check how tight each injector is at the head of the cylinder.

The fuel pump has to be checked if the truck will start in a normal way, but is of low power. Check for wires which lead to it that are loose. Should you find that the cause is neither a fuse that is blown or an external wire, you may need to test the output of the fuel pump by the professionals.

A system for the delivery of air should be assessed. Often, this type of engine has an air supply that is great every time. If the engine has had low power on a particular period of time, the system on air intake should be checked aside from the filter for any debris or dirt that is excessive.

The turbocharger needs to be checked while running. If you hear metallic noise or hissing originating from it aside from a drop of engine power, failure is likely.

When it happens that cummins diesel engines for sale do not start, be sure that the battery is checked. Should you hear just clicking sounds, the likelihood of being dead already is high.

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