Transportation History and How It Made Auto Shipping Possible

by Tom Kearns

History is one of the most fascinating subjects. History has been studied diligently for years and truly provides insights unfound by other means. Covering almost every topic in the entire world, many have dedicated their lives to reliving and researching the past. For many, the past is their heritage and a representation of where they have come from. History teaches us fantastic lessons while letting us travel back in time to relive many of the most cherished moments. Studying our roots often provides us with a solid foundation to build on for future innovation. Historical contexts can provide us with revelations about the present. History is a tool that can help us capture time and utilize it to our advantage.

As history extends to almost every aspect of life, it is no surprise that the auto shipping and transportation industry would be touched and influenced by particular beginnings and events. Coming from a humble and rudimentary background, auto shipping and product transportation has flourished into a booming international business. Be reviewing some of the historical details related to vehicle transportation, we may be able to gain a better understanding on how we have come so far.

The United States is one of the most industrious nations in the world. It is little wonder that commercial transportation came into its own in America in the early 1800's with that century's stress on canal building. One of the first transportation hubs sprang from the convergence of Rondout Creek and the Hudson River in the town of Kingston. Kingston was ideally positioned to take its place in transportation history due to its proximity to these waterways, expansive water system and trading trails.

In 1807 Robert Fulton was the first person to design a steam engine that could power a boat creating an ideal stage for the concept of efficient transportation to take off. With this new invention, excitement about transportation possibilities began to thrive. With the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825 key waterways were connected and the transportation industry was starting to flourish. With the steam engine advancing in use, the limits of transportation were being pushed. As year round demands for goods rose and residents moved farther and farther away from each other, railroads soon became the most practical form of transportation. Rail cars and railroads really opened up the minds in the automobile industry. With visions of traveling long distances over land at higher rates of speed and comfort, the idea of the car was born.

The conclusion is obvious that there would be no auto shipping without the automobile industry. The auto industry's history in itself is extremely interesting. The industry was created by such giants as Henry Ford, Karl Benz, George Selden and Wilhelm Mayback. The automobile has come a long way since these early innovators through companies like Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, Ford and Pontiac. These companies set the stage for the automobile to become an integral part of culture all over the globe.

Now we are looking at electric and solar powered vehicles with incredible speeds and features like GPS, automated parking and air bags. Those early pioneers would revel in these accomplishments of both utility and pleasure and realize that what they envisioned was destined for greatness. The car with its immense popularity has instigated many complimentary side industries. Now , the auto shipping industry is reaping the rewards of the invention and advancement of the automobile. Car transportation is becoming an essential part of many lives today.

In the present, auto shipping is one of the most crucial services. You can ship cars by boat, by train or by car, and we have a passionate history to thank for that. The auto shipping simply would not be the same without the great advances of the past. The beauty of it all is, the auto shipping industry is constantly evolving into new heights and creating a history of its own as we sit back and read this article. Auto shipping and transportation has played a role in many peoples' lives at one time or another and the more we learn about it and its rich history, the better off we are.

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