Tips In Replacing A Car's Automatic Transmission

by Laura Gallagher

First off, the person will need to use the floor jack to raise his car off the pavement. He must then put the jack stands under the back and the front of the car so that he can get the transmission Tacoma WA. See to it that his car is well-supported.

After that, he should loosen the link cables and fluid cables up. Aside from these two cables, the person should also loosen up the vacuum lines. Use a reliable wrench to remove the vehicle's two u-bolts that are near the auto's rear and then slide the auto's drive shaft out.

Take the car's speedometer gear assembly out. Place the jack under the transmissions' pan. He must then lift the said part and take its lower bell housing cover. Take off the car's torque converter bolts, bell housing bolts, four cross member bolts, and rear transmissions mounts.

Lower the part while he is moving the jack toward the back of the vehicle. He must then see to it that every part is unhooked and that the said part clears the car.

The old transmissions should be removed from the jack as well. Replace it with a new one. After this, the torque converter should be turned until he can hear a clicking sound. For safety reasons, he should hold the torque converter while turning it.

Replace the cross member. For this, he should put the rear mount, torque converter bolts, cross member bolts, and bell housing bolts back in. He should use the right wrench for this. Place the automobile's speedometer gear assembly right back in as well.

The vacuum lines should also be replaced in order to make the job for replacing the transmission tacoma wa successful. Replace the automobile's cable linkage back into the shifter and throttle valve. Use the floor jack to support his car while he takes to jack stand. The car should then be lowered on the ground.

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