Tips For Good Deals On EWR Parking

by Elinor Tran

It can be very disturbing to fly. Airports are often very crowded. Baggage is famous for getting lost, and finding a place to keep your car while you are gone is very difficult. EWR parking Newark can help make your flight a little more comfortable. Following a few tips can help make your choice.

You can find a lot of companies that offer their service to park your car while you are away. Terms and services include half-hour, short-term and long-term. Choosing the longest term will cost lest per day than a shorter term will.

For frequent travelers, the longer term contracts will normally give the best deal in overall cost. Rates are cheaper per day for the longer contracts. If you are not a very frequent traveler, however, it will probably be better to choose the short term contract, even if the rate per day is higher.

Before choosing a company, you should research a number of them. There are different deals with each of them. Some have cheaper short-term rates than others. Some have the cheapest long-term rates. Decide how much you can afford and choose the company that offers that.

Safety and protection are important considerations as well. You want your car to be safe and well protected. Find out what each company offers in this area. Some lots are attended 24/7 and others are locked after hours. Find out all the means of protection they offer. You want your car to be safe theft, bad weather, and other potential threats.

Travel between the airport and your car also has to be considered. When you choose the EWR parking Newark location that you think is best, consider this factor as well. Some of the options are: taxis, car services, shuttles, and air train transit. Be sure to account for this additional charge when figuring what you can afford.

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