Tips And Tricks Of Do It Your Self Auto Detailing

by Marguerite Stanton

Cars are people's extension of image. A good looking one also reflects a good looking owner. Learning how to do it like auto detailing Williamsburg can be of great help.

Supplies should be obtained first before starting the work. Clean rags and towels will be for removing dust, cleaning the surfaces and drying off. Brushes are also used to take off any stubborn mud. You may as well use buckets to collect water or use water sprays to directly wet the surfaces.

The recent cars are built with electronic system devices. This has made cleaning the engine a bit complicated. Before attempting to we the engine, cover the sensitive areas with a heavy duty foil. Never spray directly onto them. Use a rag instead. Kerosene mix also make grease deposits a lot easier to be taken off.

Washing the car should be done before waxing it. Using a clean, soft mitt, clean the surfaces with a car wash product. Never scrub the car with a strong brush as this might damaged the car's paint. Wet first or even soak the heavily soiled areas so it would be easier to scrub them off. Rims must be cleaned before the body.

The next thing is to vacuum your car and shampooing can be done after. Make a nice foam out of mixing shampoo and water. Start shampooing the carpets and seats to keep water to the minimum and then the other parts. You can either use vacuum to suck up the residues or use a carpet steam cleaner.

Then cleaning the windows follows. Do not wet them directly or spray onto them but use a rag instead. This way you will not be soiling again the cleaned areas. Applying wax to your car can increase depth, shine and durability. Never apply this on hot surfaces. It might leave nasty marks into your paint as this evaporates through heating.

Finalize the whole work by wiping some missed marks with a soft towel. Walk around to see if you missed anything. auto detailing Williamsburg is now quite possible to be done.

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