The Various Types Of Car Wash

by Elinor Tran

Everyone's vehicle gets dirty and will have to take it for washing to improve it appearance. The vehicles should be washed both in the interior of the car and its exterior parts and will need the right cleaning materials and equipments. There are different types of car wash Xenia that will depend on the mechanism used for washing.

One of the ways that you can get your vehicle washed is the use of hands. In this case, the owner of cleaning facility employs people to clean vehicles for the clients. It will be advisable to use this category for cleaning because the employees can clean the points that machines will not be able to reach.

The other category is a self service cleaning facility. This facility comes with a slot that you will insert the coins at the entrance, and have access to the cleaning materials or a jet washer. You will conduct the washing for yourself without any supervision.

One can also go for the Eco friendly steam cleaning facility. In this case, movable machines shall be used to produce a stream of detergents and micro fiber cottons that will rub a vehicle. This kind of washing is a bit cheap.

If you are not in a mood to move the motor to facility or there are several vehicles that cannot be assembled for washing, use a mobile cleaning facility. The detailing system will use pressure washers and plastic containers for water. The system may be mounted on tracks, trailers and vans.

Bay automatic and tunnel washes are other types of car wash xenia. Bay automatic are standalone automatic machines that does the cleaning by moving the machine forward and backwards. You can also find them in the filling stations. Tunnel washes will use washing systems that will clean the vehicle that is moved by the conveyor belt.

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