The Top 20 Utah Scooter Riding Safety Tips

by Steve Smith

I suspect we can all agree scooters are the best! They're fast, economical, straightforward to use machines that speed you in town in fun and style. Scooters and mopeds also allow you to zip in town and get the best parking spots! It's no surprise these babies have been able to pry younger teens and adults off the TV and into the fresh air. Scooters can make you come alive and be physically active again.

Now, with the ever-increasing rate of scooters on the road comes the increased need to be safe on the road. These are some easy to follow tips for Utah Scooter safety:

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 1: No headphones

This one is becoming more and more popular. Headphones take away plenty of your capability to understand what is happening around you. When music is blasting in your ears, you miss out on: the sounds of cars around you, the honking of horns, the police sirens and the cat calls from people as you ride by because you look so hot on your scooter. Turn off your music when riding your scooter, it's much safer.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 2: Always wear protective clothing, a helmet, and eye protection

This is a very small investment and it can get rid of up to two thirds of possible scooter accidents and injuries. Remember, more clothes means more padding, and long sleeves shirts and pants means less road rash - especially if you are wearing leather. Also, consider boots and gloves to be far more shielded from wounds. At an absolute minimum, wear shoes instead of sandals or flip flops. Remember to make sure your helmet is DOT approved. The protective eye-ware is critical. If you are riding at night, make sure you have glasses for these conditions as well as daytime riding.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 3: Don't wear loose clothing or things that could catch on control levers, foot rests, or tires

It's always possible to take off style items, put them under your seat or in a scooter compartment, and put them back on when you stop.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 4: Always observe and obey the rules of the road

Riding a scooter can sometimes feel a bit like you are on a toy and road rules don't apply to you. Well, they do, and you could cause lots of damage to you and someone else with the amount of power under your seat. A policeman will treat you just like an auto - so act like one and follow the rules of the road.

Remember, all scooters must be lawfully registered to operate on a public street or road. And, all scooters and mopeds operated on the streets and highways must have culpability insurance.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 5: Avoid night riding

Though your scooter is meant to ride in the dark, it's much safer to ride in the daytime. You are seen a lot simpler by other drivers and random bumps and dips won't be as likely to catch you off guard and lead to injury. Whenever it's possible, avoid the night rides.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 6: Never ride under the influence

This one is blindingly obvious, but riding a scooter requires that you have balance - being drunk gets shot of that balance. Also , a quick response is required at all points. Remember, a police officer can and will most probably punish you to the maximum extent if you're riding under the influence. Not to mention, it is highly likely you will be getting in an accident where you could hurt yourself and others. Very simply, don't ride under the influence.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 7: Finish a written and riding test

Many accidents involve inexperienced riders. Depending on the type of scooter you have, Utah needs your motorcycle endorsement on your license, which involves a special riding test or license. Ensure you are qualified before you ride. Never lend your scooter to a unpractised rider.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 8: Always be visible to other drivers

Many scooter accidents happen because the vehicle driver doesn't see the rider. This is your task to be seen at every point to avoid crashes. That can be done by: wearing bright and reflective gear, never riding in blind spots, when a driver is pulling out in front of you confirm they look at you (if they don't notice you, slow down and let them pass and feel free to give them a hand gesture of your choosing), obey all Fed., state and local rules and regulations.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 9: Be aware of traffic coming from behind

Because of the likely speed difference between the other traffic and your scooter, use. Caution and take a look at your mirrors often - every 10-30 seconds in urban areas. Remember, mirrors permit only a partial view to your rear. There are blind spots. Be aware of where they are , and check them frequently.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 10: Always signal when turning

Because it's tougher for a driver to determine if you are turning, you must signal with your electrical turn signal on your scooter, and when acceptable, with your hands. Indicate you are turning 3-5 seconds before turning, this can give drivers behind you adequate to to prepare for your turn.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 11: Keep both hand on the handle bars and both feet on the floor or pegs

This position keeps you balanced. Anything different can lead you to lose control and crash. Balance is key for riding safety.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 12: Cut back your speed over bumps and holes in the road

These dangers may cause loss of control or damage to you and your scooter. Your tires can blow out as well. Drive at a velocity that give you enough time to adjust for the road conditions you're riding on.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 13: Don't drive onto interstate freeways

Scooters and mopeds aren't usually built to handle expressway conditions and the danger is too high for you to risk it.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 14: Only ride in the left traffic lane when you're passing, preparing for a left turn, or avoiding a hazard, animal, or pedestrian in your way

The left traffic lane is believed to have the most hazardous drivers and it's where the majority of speeding happens. Stay clear of the left traffic lane as much as your are able to. Pull back over to the right lane as fast as you safely can.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 15: Make sure your second rider and the cargo you are carrying stay focused and balanced at all points

Some scooters can carry a passenger, and some are not built for that. Make sure you know the difference for your scooter. Frequently a good indicator is if there are pegs positioned for a second rider. Before taking a passenger on your scooter, ensure it has got a back rest and foot pegs for a second rider. If your scooter is set to carry two, ensure your passenger stays centered and is not shifting back and forth while you are riding. This shifting forwards and backwards can lead you to loose control and crash. Do not forget to keep any load stable, centered, and balanced as well.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 16: Watch out for gravel on the road and avoid if possible

Gravel on the road causes your scooter to loose control, slide out, lay down, and crash. It's much like trying to walk on a bunch of marbles. Keep your eyes peeled for gravel on the road. Do your utmost to avoid turns and stops in gravel areas. This is typically what causes the crash. If gravel is inescapable, drive as straight as possible and avoid locking the brakes. Slow down evenly and as much as practical.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 17: Never speed

It could be captivating to put the pedal to the metal, but you are taking a gigantic risk because other drivers and pedestrians will have a harder time seeing you and gauging how fast you are going if you are speeding. It's enticing, I know. A good rule of thumb, is to never drive at a velocity that lead you to feel dangerous.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 18: Never leave your engine running unattended

This one seems obvious, however it occurs all the time. It makes your scooter too captivating to take by folks walking by.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 19: Never ride dehydrated or exhausted

You are much more likely to have more accidents if your body is exhausted and tired. Riding can be exhausting. Ensure you are fit for it. It is also clever to always have some water and a snack in your storage compartments in the event of emergencies.

Utah Scooter Safety Tip 20: Make sure your scooter is in safe condition

Every now and then check and make sure your bolts, hinges and joints are nice and tight. Stop using your scooter immediately if any joint, hinges or bolts are not working correctly. Correct the issue and then continue having a great time. Give it oil changes frequently and ensure the brakes are always tight.

Utah scooter safety is serious business. But if you follow these 20 Tips, you will be safe and sound and ready to ride!

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