The Pros And Cons Of Automatic Transmission Cars

by Marguerite Stanton

This highly technological age is marked by several developments particularly in the field of automotive. Many modern cars are now integrated with automatic transmission that many drivers, especially very old ones, are somehow intrigued to know about.

Well, as its name implies, an AT works on its own without requiring you to change gear using a stick shifting device. That is very much convenient on your part, especially if you would like to keep your other hand busy with other things.

Auto gearboxes look more higher end compared to manual gearboxes too. They are much simpler to use due to the limited hand movements required. Not just that, AT's are known to produce more power as well as speed for the cars. They are more accurate since they work automatically even without concern for clutch positioning.

But then again, the convenience and better performance you get from the feature do not come without consequences. The upgrade in the feature meant the selling of more pricey cars by dealers. This is not a good thing to mess up with for those buyers whose budgets are very well determined.

AT's accelerate better and produce more power as mentioned. But they also cannot continuously run without having to have frequent oil or fluid changes. This means more costs on your part for maintenance too. Cars with manual gearboxes can run for kilometers in thousands without yet requiring a fluid change.

But then again, it depends upon the preferences of the buyer whether he or she will purchase a car with an AT or a manual one. The manual gearbox offers more control over the vehicle, while the auto gearbox offers more convenience on the road.

Regardless of whether a car with an Automatic Transmission was chosen or not, there is one thing that clients need to consider. They need to buy only from a trustworthy dealer in there area who is known for its best deals and excellent customer service.

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