The Many Options For Airport Parking

by Laura Gallagher

Most major airports offer their flying customers a variety of options when it comes to parking. Airport parking Newark is no different. You will find options for long term, quick trip, as well as daily and covered available at various costs.

Most people want to park as close to the terminal they will be departing from. Airports are built and configured in a manner to make it as convenient as possible. Generally the shorter term, more expensive parking is the closest to terminals.

Paying the price to park close may not be an option for many. Often private companies offer this service to customers along with a free ride to their terminal and a clean car when they return back to pick up their car. These options are helpful and attractive; especially to the business man that flies frequently.

It is certainly a great option versus the normal long term one that is offered. Normally, long term lots are a hike from any of the terminals so the costs are less than the lots which are terminal close. Most airports do offer some type of shuttle service from these remote areas to the main terminals.

The lower costs make these remote options more attractive for the budget conscious traveler, however the extra shuttle time needs to be calculated in. If this is not done, the possibility of missing the flight is high. With all the extra security precautions being conducted at most terminals, it is extremely important to ensure that time is allotted to include this.

It might be wise to research the different options that are available to the customer, especially for airport parking Newark. Armed with information, the traveler can then make an informed decision as to where to park and what the costs will be. This will enable the traveler to be prepared to arrive in time to make the flight without rushing as well as pay the fees for your car on the return.

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