The Factors To Consider When Conducting A Parking Construction

by Laura Gallagher

The parking lot is an area the will catch the eye of the users as they get in and out or you premise. Its design will therefore pass various messages to the visitors. This means that the design should be properly organized and well spaced for all types of vehicles. To get a design that meets users satisfaction and the one that does not cost you a lot of parking construction cost, a few things this have to be considered.

Top in the list will be to utilize the space that has been designated for the construction. Stalls and parallel lots can be used to optimize the space since it is possible to divide them into equal portions. In case there is enough space, provide a rectangular area because it can be divide proportionally without wastage.

Ensure that the flow of traffic in and out the lot is free from collision and the navigation of vehicle is possible within less time. Keep the entrance away from intersection points and busy streets. It can also be done by leaving a space to allow a safe exit and entrance that does not cause traffic jams in the street.

Select a proper angle for the lot. It can be forty five, sixty and ninety degrees and each of them will come with its advantages. However, an angle of sixty degrees is common and easy to use unlike that one of ninety since a high level is needed to make an exit or entering the lot. On the other coin flip, the forty five degree one will restrict stalls dimensions and the aisle as well as small turns has to be made before the exit or entry.

Ensure that the right dimensions have been used to provide enough space for all vehicles. 8.5 and 9.5 feet will fit well when you are constructing personal lots since you can anticipate that only relatively small vehicles will be parked. However, in case of public lots, prediction of vehicles that will occupy such lot is not possible and hence, bigger stalls should be availed which can measure around 9 to 19 feet.

Make clear markings on the lot and ensure that the instructions are kept simple for users to understand. The makings are important to direct the flow of traffic and to make sure that all the vehicles fit within the space of each stall. The different colors that are used to mark signify various meaning. Lots marked in white or green indicates that such a lot are allowed while those that have yellow or red shows that they are dangerous.

To maintain the stability of the lot, keep the drainage system and its surrounding free of water and other clogging materials. Poor drainage may also lead to the breakup of surface. Installation of system should be done at the construction early stages and need be graduated to avoid gathering of water in the park.

You will also need to seek the provisions of the authority before starting on Parking Construction. The provisions will feature, in most case, when your lot adjacent to a street or a main road. They will also address safety measures for such lots.

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