The best way to Buy Tires from Costco and Choose Only Those with High Quality

by Max Ostal

Our old cars tend to be worn out after some time. Whenever these cars are not anymore in their best condition, this is the time we Buy Tires from Costco. What is being done in order to check if a tire has worn out to its limit is to perform the "penny test". In this test, usually the tester has to check whether half of the coin sinks into the tread, and to do this he must insert a penny into the treads of a tire. Once the half of the penny sinks into the tread, this would tell you that the tire is still in its good condition and basically it has not been totally worn out just yet.

When you have no idea as to which is the best one to choose when you Buy Tires from Costco for your car, this article is the perfect one to give you ideas on how to spot for those ideal choices.

Choosing Goodyear Assurance TripleTred

This product is actually best and most recommended for those passenger cars. It is one of the best products in the market today. One of the specialties with Goodyear Aussrance TripleTred tires is is well performance on both dry and wet pavements. They can also be great on both ice and snow. When talking about performance level, these are being matched by the Continental and Hankook only, that is, when it will be on winter roads. The warranty of the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred tires is 80,000-mile. Considered as a very popular choice by car owners, this product is being greatly recommended by the car experts. An estimate price of about $125 is the cost of each tire.

Choosing the Continental ExtremeContact DWS

This tire here can give you an assurance of an all-around performance and is also very much well known to those car owners who need to deal with snow and ice on a regular basis. Its unique ability it the power to give ultra high performance or UHP once you will use these tires. Clearly, they have proved to everyone that they are the best tires to buy because they cannot only be well used on ice and snow but also in dry track tests. The treadwear warranty of these tires is 50,000 miles. The cost of each tire is about $100.

Choosing Hankook Optimo H727

When you buy tires from Costco, this tire basically can perform well on all road conditions. In comparison, this tire can actually do well and better when on snow or ice than how the Goodyear TripleTred tire can perform. The time when they used this type of tire on their cars, according to most people, it has been made so much easy to drive through 4 to 6 inches of snow ever since. The Hankook Optimo H727 tires have a treadlife warranty of 100,000 miles. This is actually greater than what is provided with the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred. The tire each costs $95.

The Michelin Primacy MXV4

The Michelin Primacy MXV4, like what you can see when you buy tires from Costco, is another top quality product which is very durable and allows its users to have a quiet driving experience. Its best performance is seen most especially when on dry tracks. There are, however, mixed reviews about this tire when it will be dealing about its performance in wet conditions. This tire also has a treadwear warranty of 60,000 miles. The tire may cost you up to $130.

It doesn't matter which tires you choose, keep an eye out for some Costco tire coupons. On a monthly basis, the store offers coupons on the purchase of 4 tires. These offers can help you save from $70 to $100. The specific brand of tires presented on the market shifts from month to month. But the brand names most frequently offered in these specials are Michelin and Bridgestone tires. The superior thing about these discounts is that they are valid for any tires of the manufacturer for sale.

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