The 3M Scratch Remover Will Clear Up Scratched Surfaces Instantaneously

by Chris Borg

Cars will have more likelihood of keeping their perceived value if the paint finish is properly taken care of. The 3M scratch remover provides a DIY solution for safe removal of scratches and round patches of abrasion. It will prove to be a help in removing small amounts of oxidation by utilizing the abrasive qualities of minerals. The product can be applied by machine or by hand onto the clear coat where these scratches can be removed.

The brushes used in automatic car washes often cause fine scratches that can be seen in certain areas of the vehicle. The areas around trunk and door handles will also be prone to more dullness. This product contains abrasive minerals that will remove these scuff marks from the clear coat. The results are guaranteed and help the owner to economize by letting the DIY person achieve professional looking results themselves. Deeper scratches are in the paint coat where a clear coat filler would be needed.

The thick abrasive cream levels out the scratches. This is not a wax filler product but a cream that works as an abrasive itself. After its use the procedure should be followed up with a finish that preserves the resulting shine. The newly treated surface will make the metal look like new.

The surface should first be cleaned with a car soap that 3M makes. All the dirt and grime will be removed by this soap. A small amount of the abrasive cream should be poured into a clean, white cloth and rubbed in circular motions into the clear coat. A polishing follow-up should ensue where extra cream can be removed.

This is a product geared towards a professional end result. In 2007 this product was awarded the Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award. It is the ideal answer for treating those pesky areas on the automobile body that have been exposed to additional scratches or oxidation. The vehicle will look as if it has been stored indoors for most of its life.

Professional technicians use essentially the same procedure when working on cars in an auto body shop assembly plant or car dealership. The 3M cream is actually removing the clear coat so it is important to apply a wax or other protective finishing product over this once the scratches have been removed. The instructions on the bottle will also provide the best follow up procedure. No paint dulling will occur when applying this product.

This is a useful product for those vehicle owners who want to remove the scratches from small, problem areas. The deeper scratches beyond the clear coat will appear less apparent so the overall effect will still be very positive and much improved. Faded headlight lenses will also benefit from this product by becoming more bright with the removal of the scratches.

The 3M scratch remover provides vehicles with an award winning car product that guarantees that scratches will be removed from the clear coat level of their vehicle. It reduces the appearance of the deeper scratches that have penetrated the paint coat. This product will successfully improve the look of a vehicle that has sustained many little scratches resulting in a dull overall look.

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