Take The Chance To Visit Your New Chevy Dealer

by Kelli Evans

The owners of the Chevrolet Corvette Coupe produced between 2005 and 2007and Corvette Z06 produced from 2005 to 2006 were recently shocked by the manufacturer. All the new Chevy dealer Lakeland clients with cars equipped with a convertible roof panel from those years had to visit the workshops of the brand. GM sent messages to 20,090 owners of Corvettes, because of the problems with the sliding roof.

The formal presentation was scheduled a month later on the scene of the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Chevrolet Camaro Convertible will be available in the showrooms of the company in the beginning of February next year. Later on that same year the model will be available with all the dealers around the country.

General Motors are saying that the involuntary upgrade of Corvette C6 models in the workshops will begin in January 2010. They would install a new removable panel on the roof for free, of course. It is not going to be a huge pain for the owners, they just need to take the time to take the car into the shop.

Of course if that is not possible for some of the owners, the company can then send an employee to your address to pick up the vehicle. The service will be paid for you this time, but if you are too busy, it will still be well worth doing it. That way everything can go as scheduled and everyone will be happy.

The official premiere of the car was held in Geneva. Its sales started in mid 2011. On the European market, the Cruze Hatchback will compete in a crowded segment. The car is going to be a really huge challenge for the rest of the models compete with.

Some of them say that it is a wonderful vehicle, with very beautiful exterior and as a convertible version the vehicle will be unique. With the topless model, you actually get a better view which is not that great with the other version. Of course there are people who are not fans of the brand, but even they struggle to say anything negative about the vehicle. Have a taste of that pedigree and visit a New Chevy Dealer Lakeland.

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