Take a Look at the Features and Assets with Reference to the Sony Xplod

by Perry Tobias

The Sony Xplod is a great addition to any car. There are many features of this stereo system that exceed most of its competitors. It is also a very nice looking unit. The regular everyday consumer will enjoy this system as much as the expert.

Even with all of the extras this system is very simple to set up and easy to maintain. This system is quite a steal with all the additions that are included. Consumers are able to purchase this great stereo at such a reasonable cost blowing past the competition as it gains in popularity.

The features of this system are simply mystifying. Most of its functions are controlled with a chrome joystick. Around the joystick or dial are four buttons; the mode, source, display and shuffle. It comes with a detachable face. By simply touching a button the motorized faceplate rotates down which enables you to see the compact disc player. When the faceplate is in the upright position it can be adjusted to see three different angles.

Changes to the color can be made quite easily. The colors of the back light can be changed to red, green or blue. The radio data system is also a great addition to this stereo. It provides information such as as the title, the album and the artist as you listen to the AM/FM radio stations. There is a built in amplifier, a remote control, and a rear bass enhancer, just to mention a few of the great features you will get with this system.

The Sony Xplod also offers many options for connecting to a digital library. It supports most commonly used formats and allows the consumer to listen to portable music through the car stereo. You cannot use music from your iPod library because the Sony Xplod does not natively support it but it has an auxiliary input on its faceplate so the iPod can be plugged into it. The menu structure makes finding songs very easy. This system has the ability to also add high definition or satellite radio control.

The speakers for the Sony Xplod are the best around. They let the consumer hear good quality sound and they have a very clear resolution. What makes these speakers stand out are the material they are made from. This material is strong but yet light weight enough to handle any type of weather or sound distortion. The speakers are made from a special cone material.

If you are in the market to buy a new stereo system the Sony Xplod is for you. It has the best preforming speakers and its functions on the stereo itself are perfectly designed. The look of the stereo is a definite plus because it is just the right size with a nice sharp look to it. It will stand out from all other competitors.

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