Steps On How To Tip A Limo Driver

by Shari Swanson

There are times when a person does not really have an idea on how to tip a driver for the limo Scottsdale. This is a dilemma that is very common to those who avail of limousine services. Most people are not aware of the right amount when it comes to tipping these drivers.

Not only that, they are also having a problem on how they are supposed to deal with those who have an unprofessional behavior. For the gratuity, they also have no idea on whether it is already included in the bill or not. For this problem, here are the steps on how one can solve it.

The first thing to do is to call the limousine company before the scheduled event. He must ask if the gratuity is already added to the bill being charged to him. If this is the case, he can simply decide during the event whether he will give additional tip for the excellent service.

Observe the driver on the date of the event. He should determine whether the driver has enough knowledge about the area. He should also determine whether the driver is accommodating to the request of the passengers.

Sum up the tip of the driver. The tip usually ranges from ten to twenty five percent of the total service charge. The ten percent is for those who have provided service which is below standard while the twenty five percent is for those who have provided good and excellent service.

Thank the driver for the excellent service as profusely as he can. This is one way to show how grateful the passenger is for the excellent service. It is then advised that the person recommend the said limousine service to his friends if he has a good experience.

It is important that the person do not do anything illegal while inside the hired limo scottsdale. The drivers are technically trained to deny requests for these escapades. If such things happen, they are also given the right to report the person to the police.

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