Steer Clear From These Carwash Myths

by Kelli Evans

The vehicles need some pampering to continue running efficiently. These automobiles can easily accumulate filth and dirt since they are used every day. Sadly, there are several myths surrounding the carwash Franklin that makes it more difficult to choose the best one. Steer yourself clear from the following myths and always choose what is best for your vehicle.

Dishwashing detergents are perfectly safe for the cars. In an untrained eye, the dishwashing detergents may be fine for washing the cars. After all, they also produce bubbles. The truth is, these detergents are formulated to remove everything from its surface, including the polymers of the paints.

Cleaning and washing are the same. The term is loosely interchanged most of the time. However, there are differences. Cleaning is far better than mere washing. When you wash the surface, you only take off the loose stains, while cleaning removes even the stubborn stains.

A shiny car is clean. While the shiny vehicles appear clean from afar, you might change your mind when you take a closer look. For one thing, you do not see the paint finish. Rub your hand over the vehicle. When it is done right, you can feel it like a glass and not a sandpaper surface.

The professionals are the only ones who can use the clay bars. Surprisingly, the clay bars are easy to use. It is just like applying the silly putty. Get a good grip of the clay. Gently scrub it to the car's surface to slowly remove its contaminants.

There is no difference between polishing and waxing. The difference between them is immense. They differ in techniques and purpose. Polishing can give a brilliant shine to the car. Meanwhile, waxing may not be as shiny, but it coats the surface with the wax silicone, resins and polymers to protect it.

Wax protection is guaranteed to last a year. This is a common ploy by some companies to sell their product. However, an honest carwash Franklin will explain that there are several factors that must be considered. The weather, your parking space and maintenance all affect the car's surface. This determines how long wax treatment can last.

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