Sneak peek at potential 2013 Dodge compact

by Cornelius Nunev

Chrysler seems to be headed for an exciting reveal at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, as rumors of a 2013 Dodge compact sedan are all over the place. This is reinforced by the appearance of spy photos and press speculation, powered by some specifics from the automaker. Furthermore, some specifics have emerged.

What will be the name?

Brand chairman Reid Biglund was in an interview with the Detroit News where he said the car would not be named the 2013 Dodge Hornet as people suspected. Several press sources have posited the following as potential names for the 2013 model. There are a few names repeated a lot. These include:

Dodge Dart Dodge Duster Dodge Camber Dodge Caliber

The inspiration behind the design

There will be a lot of performance that comes from the 2013 Dodge compact which was designed with inspiration from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, according to Popular Mechanics. There's a windshield that is sloped quite a bit with a softer nose. There will be headlights extended back above the wheel well and a bumper bar split.

The roof is rounded and flows back to the trunk area. The trunk lid's shape is unknown. It will probably be very robust though. Wheels are set out as wide as the limits of the fenders, which adds to the forceful presence, particularly when viewed from behind.

Seeing a dual exhaust

Popular Mechanics stresses that the 2013 Dodge compact spy videos could really be a Chrysler model in disguise, as taken photos betrays some effort on the part of the producer to camouflage the automobile. If it is indeed the 2013 Dodge compact sedan that has been rumored, the dual exhaust outlets would seem to indicate a larger motor. The larger-than-standard tires and high-performance wheels also suggest more than an economy automobile.

Until the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, enthusiasts can only speculate as to the sort of noise this mystery vehicle could do against competition ranging from the Ford Focus and Chevy Cruze to the Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sentra.

Have a look at the spy video

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