Selling Your Car Or Truck?

by Roger Gray

Selling your car or truck? Maybe I'd like to buy that if you give me the specs, but if I were buying, I'd be like other used car buyers - these people look at the buyer's reputation even closer than they look at the car. In order to win their interest and their trust it is crucial that you should make a good impression. Wherever possible possible, strive make your prospective customers feel comfortable and be open in your response to their inquiries.

Remember that prospective buyers are often armed with an arsenal of questions, so prepare for these like you would have prepared for an important exam back in school. Do not back down from any question - answer as honestly and as accurately as possible to earn the customers' trust and respect. This works to save both you and the customer a lot of time and work by making only those appointments that have a reasonable chance of becoming a sale. And as a bonus tip, when making appointments, be very specific about the date and time, as it doesn't really bespeak much confidence if you ask a potential buyer to drop by "after work" or "on the weekend."

Since you are selling your vehicle, you are entitled to expect somebody to come over, and the best way to ensure this is to be specific when making appointments. Don't feel obligated to wait for a late customer. Do not let a surprise change of plans throw you off your balance, and to make sure the transaction flows smoothly, request for their contact information, preferably their cell phone number. Cancellations, with or without notice, are simply part of the process.

It is but natural for buyers to ask if they can test-drive your vehicle before buying. Ride along with them so you can answer questions, as well as ensure the safety of the automobile. Your presence may also ensure that the customer doesn't lose his or her way, as they may not be from your area nor be even vaguely familiar with the different twists and turns of your locale.

Some of the buyers are likely to want to have the car inspected by a mechanic. Make sure you have a receipt from the mechanic, because the proof always must be in the pudding. People who are buying or selling a car should always expect such requests every now and then.

A Quick Reminder - Protect Your Interests

It is important to be cautious and to take steps to ensure your safety and the safety of your interests. One classic example would be to insist that you secure the potential buyer's driver's license to protect your rights should he or she independently decide to test-drive your vehicle. If the buyer has a problem with this arrangement there's a very good chance that allowing an unsupervised test-drive would go against your best interests. Conversely, if the buyer insists that he or she has the car inspected by a different mechanic than the one you consulted before offering it for sale, he or she is being reasonable. If you understand the psychology of buyers and know whom to trust, then the chances of making a sale should significantly increase.

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