Saved Me Money - CarMD 2100 Vehicle Health System and Diagnostic Code Reader Review

by Brianna Williams

That is sad! Great purchase. That's good, I am due for inspection soon. I think it's 3 vehicles, that must be registered on their website. Bought The Car MD for my husband as a gift!

Took him a little bit to find out where to plug it in on his car, but once he started using it he loved it. Along with all of the data available for my car! There is a ton of information on the CarMD website from service bulletins to recalls. My dad loves working on the cars as a hobby. Over all it is just an ok device. My friends and family members have used my CarMD too, so I know that it works on more than just my jeep. The installer adds a small software application that acts as a conduit which connects your device to the CardMD website. I love it. Now, I am glad to know that it will let us take care of 3 cars, but we have 4 in our household. I received the CarMD at a discounted rate because I am a bzzagent. He was so excited. Maybe a button or switch, so consumers could reset it if they choose. Checked daughters car as well, looks like her repairs will be much more minor then we originally thought it would be. If there are any problems, as in the Mazda, running a report of the cods will present you a summary report, as well as a cost estimate for repairs.

He's not a computer person, so simpler is better. This product is definitely worth every penny and i absolutely recommend it to all my friends and anyone else who is thinking of purchasing it.

My car is in bad shape I've taken it to the shop twice in the last 2 months and its still bad. Ive wasted money on another product similar to this one, but a different brand, and it was a waste of money, it did not work at all and I couldn't get my money back. I've had an Autel Maxiscan that I paid about $25 dollars for for a couple of years...just to have a cheap, portable scanner on the go (Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for OBDII Vehicles ). The booklet that comes with the device does not list any of these codes or icons, and while I can find some of them on the web, it would still take me hours to figure out what it all meant.

This being said, I purchased my CarMD and honestly didn't use it for about a month, simply because I didn't have any reason to. I kept on waiting for my hubby to go try it for me, finally I just did it myself!

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