Rousing travel methods for the new generation

by Aisha E. Bibian

There is an elegance that can set some apart from others. For a few it is their clothes, for others it is how they carry themselves, whereas for a select few it is their ride.

It was barely one hundred years ago that the car was conceived, yet in such a short time many have grown accustomed to having a automobile that it is now a necessity in many regions of the world and particularly in American and Canadian cities such as San Diego, Cleveland and Toronto.

Many automobile brands have been conceived to cater to the varying tastes of the people. Some brands such as BMW target those who want luxury, while other car companies such as GM and Huyndai serve those who need an efficient mode of transport that is affordable. Still others go a step beyond, they demand the ultimate luxury when it comes to their transportation needs. These are the ones that choose limousines as their main method of travel.

It was not a long time ago that limousine usage became widespread in cities and towns across Canada and America. Initially it was frequently rented for wedding ceremonies to carry the bride and groom from Church to the wedding hall where the wedding service takes place. As limousine services became popular, new companies began providing limo rental services to the public, which in turn caused it to be more affordable. All of the sudden, it was not just weddings anymore, other events such as birthdays, graduations, parties and exclusive occasions began using limousine rental services to impress guests while on their way.

In many cities throughout the US and Canada, there are a number of annual events that require limo transport. In Toronto, events such as the Toronto International Film Festival bring many celebrities to town. While appearing at film reviews and extravagant awards evenings most prefer to be seen traveling in a limousine, thus increasing the demand for Toronto limos. In other cities such as Montreal, the annual Formula 1 race brings exciting cars, stars and tourists from all over the world, and they also travel in elegant style in their SUV and super stretch limousines.

The extent of this phenomenon goes farther than weddings, proms and movie stars. Some corporations, looking for comfortable travel options for their directors have started to use limos as their main mode of travel. The setup is advantageous as it usually saves their executive's time and effort, thus aiding them to focus on the business's objectives.

Elsewhere, it is becoming more common for students to rent a limo for their birthdays. The party goers enjoy the attention and finesse of being picked up by the driver then getting dropped off at the restaurant. Some prefer to have a theme night by going to the movie theatre or a play. It is a great and fun way to enjoy both the height of culture, camaraderie and entertainment while traveling in ultimate luxury.

Transportation has become more than simply a means of travelling from one place to another. It is a means of declaring grandeur ,style and elegance, a way to be seen, and a statement to be made about your personality. The journey is now just as exciting, and even more important, than the destination.

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