Robotic Parking Systems Are The Future Of Parking Garages

by Yesenia Velez

Parking has been somewhat of a problem in the bigger city areas for quite sometime. Finding a place to park can be very difficult, and because of the lack of space the prices to park your car have gone up considerably. This is what inspired the invention of the robotic parking systems. There are many benefits to these new systems, for both driver and developers.

For the developers, they are able to build these structures with less money and less construction time. This helps bring the overall cost to park in these new garages. With how these systems are operated, the costs for things like lighting and operators are significantly cheaper.

Since these buildings need less space, this helps developers get more out of the available real estate. In big cities, even the smallest amount of free space can be very valuable. With the amount of cars that can be parked in the new garages, developers can either build a garage the same size as a traditional one and park nearly double the amount of cars, or they can go with a smaller building and get about the same amount of spots as a regular garage.

The automation of these new buildings also provide an added convenience for drivers. They get a valet type service without having to tip or pay anything extra. The driver simply pulls their car into the designated spot and the system will take care of everything else.

Since there are no drivers in the actual parking area, your car won't have a chance to be vandalized. Not only that, but other drivers won't be driving or parking near your car, so it eliminates all the dings that come from others bumping your car. No one will be able to open their car door into your car and leave a scratch either.

These kinds of structures also help reduce CO2 emissions and help the environment. It may not seem like much, but with cars driving around looking for a place to park, it can add quick. Especially when you think about the hundreds of cars that will go in and out of just one normal parking garage each day.

There are different kinds of these garages being built. Some of them will use lifts to raise the cars different to different levels and store them there. There are also ones that only use a more simple lift system, where one car is right above another. These have been seen more in compact areas, as they don't require as much space. Another kind of these garages involves using tray like devices to move the cars to their spot.

Retrieval and storage of the vehicles is also very convenient for the drivers. After pulling into the designated area and lining up your car, the driver will receive their code for where their car is parked. When it comes time to get their car, all they need to do is punch in their code and it gets delivered to them. The size of the Robotic Parking Systems will determine how long it takes for the driver to get their car, but it is usually within a couple of minutes.

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