Reaching Travel Destinations By Car With Kids

by Crystal Maloney

Parents find that arriving at travel destinations by car with children can be cumbersome, and the trip can take longer. Children are unable to sit still for extended periods of time, and they usually get up to no good on these trips. Parents should be ready for any eventuality when driving with the family.

It is convenient to know when the expected time of arrival at the nearest gas station is. This is so that toilet trips can be planned for the children. Parents who do not have a GPS, should print out a map of the route beforehand. They will then be able to tell the children when they can go to the toilet.

Further to this, when the kids ask how much longer you will be on the road, hand them the map and let them figure it out. This is a great way to keep them occupied. It also teaches a valuable life skill - map reading.

Save fuel by adhering to the suggested speed limit. These journeys should not be rushed as they offer the opportunity for the family to bond and connect in a different way. Children can learn important facts about the family by playing family trivia. Small children should be given easy questions about the family to answer.

Mothers should pack a cooler bag with juice, water and snacks for the family. Fizzy sodas should be avoided as they dehydrate the children and will necessitate extra toilet stops. The family could stop along the way to enjoy a fun picnic and have a nice dinner on arriving at the destination.

Mothers should take a well stocked first-aid kit on the journey to reach travel destinations by car. The kit should have plasters, pain tablets and cleanser. Keep antiseptic hand wipes in the kit as they can be used for many things.

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