Once Upon A Time American Cars and Trucks Were Originally The Very Best

by Edmont Pescatelini

It had not been too long ago where pretty much every car you saw on the highway were American cars. There had been foreign built cars on the highway but not that many but today, the younger generation of car buyers would not even consider an American automobile today. Ever since Daimler Benz bought out the Chrysler business, factors have become different.

A great deal of the development, done by American car companies, comes about in other countries, so it is getting hard to see their cars as truly American. Although these businesses were once strictly American, today, these companies are simply profit-seeking multi-national corporations without any consideration for their country of origin. The good old days are gone and don't expect them to return. Even though, there have been lots of cut backs, and layoffs in the vehicle industry, on the road today, a little of the spirit of the American car still remains.

You can find still a great deal of interest in foreign-made cars and the companies are multi-cultural like the United States itself. Even so, does it contain the same character as a truly American car to someone who is born and raised in this country? Quite a few Japanese-built cars are highly dependable, solidly built and can go faster than any American car on the market but do they have the grace and style of a Corvette or Viper? The more mature age group embraced the power and styling of the American muscle autos. Once America used to be the most prosperous nation, American cars took over the automobile industry. This has been ahead of more fuel-efficient compact foreign cars began to dominate the auto market.

If you can remember the American performance car of the past, maybe you should get one of those stylish cars, rather than the slick machines of today with their computer controls. The American cars and trucks that were manufactured in the fifties and sixties were solidly built with a steel chassis. Those types of cars felt more safe and secure than any compact car being built today. You can no longer have those automobiles as a result of concerns over the environment and excessive fuel costs. These cars have become collector's items but you could see some of them out on the road causing memories of a time gone by.

Time progresses, and changes happen, which is what life is all about. However it is wonderful to reminisce about those wonderful cars of the past and think about the first car you ever bought.

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