NHTSA Ford Escape Probe Into Unintended Acceleration Opened

by Cornelius Nunev

An NHTSA Ford Escape probe has been opened into reports of unintended acceleration. Numerous crashes and at least one death have resulted from the phenomenon.

NHTSA Ford Escape probe due to unintended acceleration

When it comes to the automotive industry, the worst thing that can happen to a business is to have unintended acceleration, with fire just after that. Toyota is being accused of unintended acceleration in its Ford Escape crossover model, years 2002 to 2004. This is really hurting business.

The NHTSA is now going to be looking to the 2001 to 2004 Ford Escapes also as the Mazda Motors Tribute crossovers, which have V-6 engines in them as a Mazda-badged Escape. USA Today announced that the NHTSA was starting the investigation after a lot of pressure to look to the issue. The Center for Automotive Safety really pressured the NHTSA to the investigation with a big petition.

Problem with cable

The issue, according to USA Today, is a damaged cruise control cable. The damage comes from a 2004 recall of the Escape. That recall, according to AutoGuide, was due to accelerator cables that could snag on the accelerator pedal, causing unintended acceleration. If the cruise control cable is broken during the repair, the cruise control cable could loosen, causing it to possibly catch on a ridge on the top of the plastic motor cover. If that happens, the snagged cable can stick the throttle in the open position, causing the car to accelerate.

There are certainly some vehicles on the road with damaged cables despite the technical service bulletin published by Ford to alert technician so the issue, according to ABC15. This is because there were repairs performed before the bulletin was released to the technicians.

Many vehicles affected

There were 13 crashes and 1 death linked to the unintended acceleration so far. The girl who passed away was a 17-year old girl named Bloom who was in a fatal wreck when her 2002 Ford Escape accelerated from her, according to ABC15. The cruise control cable was snagged on the engine cover in her Escape that got the car repaired in the recall before the bulletin was announced. There have also been 99 reports of unintended acceleration, according to USA Today.

Another 7,261 Mazda Tribute crossovers and 730,000 Ford Escape crossovers from 2001 to 2004 could be impacted by the probe.

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