New Parking Garage Design Improves The Skyline

by Yesenia Velez

The study of architecture can be a very fascinating field. Beginning this century, plenty of unique structures have risen up around the world. All these buildings are special marking a variety of diverse styles and recycled that were used to build them. Structures are testament to mankind's imagination. Nevertheless, none of the plans is more striking than today's new parking garage design.

In various cities around the world very thoughtful plans have been given to parking structures. This is primarily due to space requirements that most cities have. Real Estate is at a premium so builders want to have concepts that can maximize space. Designers have responded to this with elaborate but creative ideas to maximize usage and park more cars.

A few of the concepts are everything but boring, however, they do seem like science fiction. The Autostadt Car Towers, which is located in Wolfsburg, Germany, appears to be the concept of a mad person, but in actuality the building is a well though out and quite efficient. It is also cost effective. The design includes two giant structures where vehicles are lifted into place by robotics. The robots can cross twin twenty story round buildings in minutes.

Another really cool project is located south in Miami Florida. It was completed in 2010 and is the newest of its kind. Angular concrete beams hold up a series of slides and each one is designed for specific size vehicle. Miami is no stranger to diverse architecture, so the Lincoln Road parking structure was a welcome addition for the city.

Michigan has a very famous automobile structure as well. Recently, Modern advancements in conception and construction technologies allow this wonderful design to be noticed. The Michigan Theater it is considered urban blight, but has now been transformed into the most spectacular landmark thanks to its new car structure.

If not all this were enough to dazzle the sightseer Santa Monica has an automobile structure that is entirely lit up at night using LED lights. It looks like a colorful rainbow towering among other buildings and it is truly hard to miss. Most folks that see it do not believe it. The materials, which were used to construct the building, are mostly recycled. This is one of the first green buildings of its kind and is sure to save a lot of energy usage over its lifetime. In

For people who love futuristic buildings they will in dealing Veranda Car Park. Its location is in Rotterdam and it can handle more than 650 automobiles. It features a ground level shopping area on the ground floor. This next generation European architecture is truly a feet to behold. It supports mirror and glass using a steel and brushed aluminum frame. The shark lines are clean and this gives the structure a very futuristic appearance.

We can see how Parking Garage Design has evolved throughout the years. The new designs become the best aspect of a city's skyline no matter if they are large or small. Advancements in Architecture will continue to building owners lower their power bills as storing more vehicles becomes easier to do in a smaller space.

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