Model Train Railroads - The History Of It All

by Frank Keenan

Do you remember being a kid,waiting patiently for the holidays to come,hoping that you will receive the present you want?For many of us it was a miniature train with its own railways in the set.As kids we could spend hours playing with it,moving the locomotives around the railroad.But who would have thought that,what is a kid's toy,is actually a hobby for adults?!

Model railroading has been around since 1840.Back then it was called "carpet railway",since there was no actual road for the trains.It was only a locomotive,using water and fuel to run accross the room.Unfortunately,there were a lot of accidents connected with these toys.They would often explode and cause fire in people's living space.Also,they were not very durable as they would stop moving when they run out of water or hit the furniture. As the 20th century approached,the electric trains were invented.Even though they were much safer than their predecessors,they were nothing like the ones used today.

Nowadays model railway engines are mainly operated by low voltage electricity supplied via the tracks.They also come in different sizes - from one meter high,scale 1:8,down to pocket size Z scale-1:220.

Although it was invented as a child's game,model railroading turned out to be one of the most interesting and exciting hobbies.It gives its practitioners the opportunity to recreate actual locations or give life to a new world in their living room.Railway modellers spend many hours landscaping their layout.It can include not only locomotives but aslo roads,buildings,vehicles,model figures,mountains,rivers,hills and canyons.The possibilities are endless.

Lots of museums showcase the beauty which can be created."Miniatur Wunderland" in Hamburg,Germany is the home of the World's largest model railroad in HO scale,whereas "Train Mountain" in Chiloquin,Oregon,U.S has the largest live stream layout with 25 miles of track.

Finding the perfect hobby may not be as easy as it looks.Model cars and model planes can be enjoyed both outside and in the house but only rail transport modelling lets you be this much creative.From the beginning,when you start imagining the layout,to the point where you are satisfied with what you have done- you can spend hours contemplating your creation.

Model Train Railroads have been around for quite a while,so there most certainly is something keeping people's interest alive. So why not try and see for yourself?

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