Michelin to focus on the increase in hi-performance tyre sizes

by Greg Allison

Michelin tyres have announced that 17 in. and larger tyre sizes defined to be performance tyres now account for approximately 25% of the United Kingdom tyre market.? There has been an overall decline of almost 9% in the passenger tyre market since 2011 yet this individual sector has grown by an enormous 17%.

The reason behind this is thought to be that vehicle manufacturers are trying to supply a unique package to the customer and are supplying increased wheel and tyre sizes to lure purchasers in to buying a new car. This growth saw the 17 in. bigger sizes now account for 25% of the market has come at the expense of the 13-15 inch tyre sizes. Within this market around 90% is made from tyre sizes 17-18 inches even though it is reported that the quickest growing size is 21 inch and higher while still only 3% overall has actually doubled in volume.

This change in the market has seen issues for the traditional tyre dealer to work out what sizes they should stock and have on quick delivery from a wholesaler.? Some of the popular 17 inch and 18 in. sizes are now working there way on to the stock thanks to the demand.

These changes have also had a result on customers who are normally used to purchasing tyres for a 15 inch wheel and have an idea of cost then are startled to learn the price of as an example an 18 inch tyre.? Michelin however believe this trend towards larger rims will continue but they do expect a reduction in width to aim at more fuel-efficient vehicles. Aesthetically Michelin recognise there will be some resistance to decrease in widths but they feel it is an inescapable change over time with the current ecological concerns.

However Michelin has said with these increased and varied sizes it is causing some problems in manufacturing to guarantee there's the correct balance between performance and final cost. Michelin tyres recognise they're one of the more costly options for customers but are keen to reinforce the benefits of their advanced research and technology while accepting even in this high performance market there are limits to what the client will pay.