Make It Look New With Car Detailing

by Laura Gallagher

Everyone loves the look and smell of a brand new car, but after the miles pile up, that new car isn't looking or smelling to great anymore. Car detailing Baltimore is the solution when preparing to resell a vehicle, place it in a show, or simply to get back that look and feel it had the day it was driven off the lot. With professionals who operate as a franchise, or mobile operators in parking lots or on demand, there is an affordable way to get a vehicle detailed to perfection.

Interiors take a lot of damage and collect a lot of grime over time. Using special treatments, cleaners, and shampoos, the vehicle can be returned to a sparkling, stain free condition. This includes cleaning of any type of upholstery, carpet and mats, glass and plastic, even removing the seats to get to all the cracks and crevices.

Exteriors usually require cleaners for the rubber, glass, chrome, and paint. All visible parts of the vehicle are detailed with these products, which may include degreasers, acids, waxes, and a myriad of applicators, specially designed cloths, and custom brushes. Generally, the exterior is cleaned to remove any foreign substances, then touched up and polished, with a final coat of sealant to protect the wax.

Professionals have the equipment, such as steam cleaners and air compressors, to perform exhaustive engine cleaning. They use specially designed brushes and tools to get difficult areas cleaned and free of debris. They are even able to do full engine exterior cleaning of all parts under the hood using steam wash, degreasers, and other methods to make it sparkle like new.

Some owners might enjoy doing the work themselves, but are too busy to commit the needed time. In this case a service is preferable since they can typically return a vehicle within the day, or even overnight. Some companies even offer pick-up, valet style, or on location cleaning for the convenience of the customer who needs the work done while at work or home.

car detailing Baltimore is the clear choice for vehicles that need more than just a cursory wash and vacuum. Enjoy the look and smell of a new car without the expense. It's like giving the vehicle a total makeover both inside and out.

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