Make It Look Brand New With Car Detailing

by Laura Gallagher

When entering a show car in competition or trying to resell a used vehicle, car detailing Washington DC can help. Even well cared for vehicles sustain minor damage both inside and out. That's why it's important to let a professional restore the look and feel to showroom floor conditions.

The interior is made up of many different surfaces, including plastic, leather, vinyl, cloth, fiberglass, rubber, and glass. It takes specially formulated cleaners to get everything back to its best look. Most pros even remove seats to vacuum every hidden crevice in the carpets, which may also need to be shampooed.

Chrome polish, tire treatments, paint touch-ups, and wax and seal jobs are part of the typical exterior service. It takes a variety of cleaners and custom brushes to address each of these surfaces. Once everything is looking its best, a clear coat of polish or sealant can be used to really make the color pop.

Though common for show cars, most people don't consider the mess under the hood. All the grime and grease can be cleared away from engine surfaces with degreasers and other solvents. High pressure steam and air tools are used to remove debris so everything can shine.

While it can be enjoyable to clean one's own vehicle, most owners do not have access to compressed air machines and other tools used by professionals. If finding the time is inconvenient, try mobile, on-location, or valet services. Most jobs can turned around within the day, without interrupting schedules or work.

Most people spend a lot of time in their cars, so it's important to make sure they always look and feel their best. Clean carpets, interiors, and a new shine on the outside can make for a more comfortable ride or commute. Try car detailing Washington DC and relive the feeling of driving a brand new vehicle off the lot.

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