Lucky Ford Truck Owners Get Inside Tips With Unique Social Site

by Jomer Tuyor

Social networking has become the way people are keeping in touch, sharing, and companies are promoting their brands. The Ford trucks brand has not been left behind and those who drive this vehicle now have a way that is fun, easy, and interesting to interact with each other and with the company.

One part of their site gives comprehensive information on the specifications of the different truck models and other kinds of vehicles produced, such as SUVs, sports cars, and green or hybrid vehicles. There is also another that goes into the technology the firm uses to ensure that every vehicle has the best safety features, is fuel efficient, and how they are personalized for every driver and made to perform optimally.

Auto shows are covered as well. Those that have been held and those coming up in various areas are covered. Those planning on a truck or other model have the opportunity to get a feel of a car from up close during such shows. One can also look through company related news including the community service projects undertaken.

Of great interest and where Ford truck owners can come in directly a section known as Your Stories. Here, they can blog about their choice, experiences, and thoughts on their trucks in a very personal way. They can also add pictures and share this through various leading social media avenues. There is also the Your Ideas section where truck owners share tips on anything and everything about taking care of and maintaining their vehicles.

There are also some colorful and vibrant photos and videos that one can browse. Some are uploaded by the company and others by truck users. They talk about and show different features and experiences of the trucks.

Ford trucks owners and prospective owners can access a lot of factual, helpful, interesting, and fun information, photos, and videos, and upload their own as well. Now that is what infotainment is all about.

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