Leading Considerations When Purchasing An Exhaust For Your Harley

by Lonnie MacHen

Getting a Harley exhaust just isn't a choice that needs to be made without significant research and system comparisons, and there are some important considerations during this process. First you will need to decide what you expect from the new system. Would you like an awesome look or are you keen on the efficiency of the exhaust? The answer to this question may help direct you to the systems which often can give you the desired results.

Together with the results that you want from the exhaust system you will have to consider the sonic pulse factor. Once the bike is operating a sonic pulse will probably travel through the exhaust system until the pulse reaches the pipe end. At this time the sonic pulse will reverse direction and come back towards the bike exhaust valve. Several systems will handle and minimize this pulse more effectively than other systems. Short drag pipes tend to be one of the worst concerning sonic pulse.

When evaluating a possible Harley exhaust system the exhaust gas velocity also needs to be regarded. This velocity represents the particular rate that the gas will travel through the particular system, and the ideal number for this factor is 300 feet each minute. In case the engine of the Harley bike is a stock engine then the exhaust pipe must have a diameter of 1 3/4" for the ideal velocity to be maintained.

The thermal pulse of the exhaust also need to be inspected. This pulse is fairly like a sonic pulse however the cause is the hot gas whenever this exits the exhaust valve of the bike. This pulse will not travel in the same rate of speed that the sonic pulse does, and definitely will not affect the combustion chamber in the engine of the bike once the sonic pulse does.

The price, the appearance, and the performance are all similarly essential many times. Carefully researching your exhaust system options can help you find the best system for your Harley within a short length of time, and make certain you get all of the results that you're looking for.

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