Just Why We Should Use Approved Vehicle Collection & Disposal Specialists For Scrap Cars?

by Robert Holmes

Long gone are the times when you could simply drive your outdated banger down to a local scrap yard and either pay them a fee or perhaps in unusual situations get a minimal sum for the vehicle. Scrap car merchants were well known for their underhand dealings and it was not unknown for hazardous inroad worthy cars to be re-vamped and even offered on to an unsuspecting consumer; usually by employing several scrap cars to create one. You cannot assume all merchants were involved in these types of unethical transactions however they were all tarred with the same brush. This is basically an issue of the past and nowadays there are legal requirements involved in the particular disposal of motorized vehicles which have to be followed by the owner and the scrap merchant.

The sellers should have evidence that they are in fact the documented owners of the vehicles, normally through the vehicle record book and the DVLA should be notified that the particular vehicle has been given to a third party. The trader should provide an invoice for the vehicle which you need to keep just in case there is actually the demand for proof of disposal. The scrap traders are now managed by the directives from the European Union and UK government demanding that a minimum of 74% of the scrapped vehicle must be re-cycled or re-used. All tires as well as non-metallic items of the vehicle are removed and re-used or re-cycled. The fluid in the vehicle must be extracted and re-cycled or discarded safely and securely. The particular main body of the vehicle has to be transported to an authorized warehouse for crushing. As soon as pounded, the actual metal may then be delivered for processing and re-cycling.

All these operations are perfect for the environment and good for anybody disposing the vehicle because it has cut down tremendously the unlawful re-cycling of scrap cars that are put back onto the streets, causing severe problems not only for the new owner but at the same time the previous owner. In case the vehicle was implicated in a mishap or other police incident the scrap trader would refute all understanding or would be untraceable and the proof of disposal and purchase could have been the obligation of the two innocent individuals involved.

Along with the new re-cycling of motor vehicles legislation there was also set up a trade body for scrap dealers. The honest dealers quickly signed up to register as Approved Vehicle Collection & Disposal Specialists. The approved companies will assist the customer in the notification of disposal process to the DVLA and will give them proof that they have taken ownership of the vehicle for scrap purposes. The customer can be assured that these professionals will follow the rules laid down in the directives as to the disposal of scrap cars.

By using these approved dealers anyone needing to dispose of a vehicle can rest assured that it will in fact be scrapped and that they have no fear of the vehicle re-emerging at a later date, in any shape or form, except as part of a new item made from re-cycled materials.

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