It's Important To Begin Creating More Automobiles That Are Friendly To The Environment

by Lawrence Jones

One of the primary reasons individuals do not think there's such a energy crisis as there is is mainly because car manufacturers are still making vehicles that get terrible gas mileage. If the crisis is that bad, and oil will likely be gone in forty years or less, why are these automobiles still being made and if hybrid vehicles can get 40 miles per gallon, then why aren't all automobiles being made today hybrids? If a green energy source, such as water can be used to power a car, then why are they not being used more?

When you hear that water can run a vehicle, it is not like you pour water in the tank rather than gasoline, and your car will run but what it is really, can be described better as a hydrogen driven car. One of the first manufactures that actually use this technology was BMW and they developed a vehicle that actually ran using both gas and water to obtain better gas mileage. Even with this automobile, it continue to takes gas, together with the hydrogen, just like hybrids use gas along with electricity. You should keep in mind that the usage of hydrogen in order to power your automobile is quite new which also means that in time this could end up replacing traditional gasoline for our fuel.

For hydrogen based vehicles, a different sort of tank is needed to be installed on the automobile in order to hold the water as the tank itself will need a release valve if the hydrogen pressure becomes to high. The BMW company also released a new car, known as the H2R, which is partly powered by water. You're going to find that this vehicle actually uses liquid nitrogen as its main fuel source, and the vehicle can in fact go faster than most cars on the market today. One of the main advantages of making use of hydrogen as fuel is that there are no poisonous chemicals being released as there are with vehicles which use traditional gasoline. An additional disadvantage of using traditional gasoline when compared to hydrogen is that weighs much more. Maybe it costs too much money to manufacture vehicles that run on hydrogen, or they are inconvenient in some way, but it's possible that they will work better.

There are alternatives to using a car, which is totally powered by gasoline. It still appears like if the energy crisis was as terrible as they say, then considerably more would be done, to develop a car powered by something other than gasoline. Many men and women believe that the big oil companies end up running our government, which could have the ability to be one of the reasons why these technologies are not being made use of more often.

Most consumers would love to have a car that didn't run on gasoline, if it worked as well, but can't do much about it, if there aren't any for sale. Green sources of energy appear to be the best choice, but not that easy for people to do by on their own.

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