Irv Gordon nearly has 3 million mile car

by Cornelius Nunev

Irving Gordon became globally known ten years ago for his Volvo P1800. The vehicle became renowned for having 2 million miles on the clock, winning Gordon a global record. Gordon is 34,000 miles from having the first 3 million-mile-car.

Near to hitting 3 million

Irving Gordon is well-known as one individual who has driven a vehicle over a million miles. He is 34,000 miles from hitting three million now, according to the Daily Mail, after hitting two million a decade ago.

The nearly 3 million-mile-car Gordon has driven since 1966 is a Volvo P1800S, a sports coupe that Volvo produced in the 1960s. Some might remember it for being Roger Moore's car in "The Saint" television series before trading it in for a Lotus Espirit when he assumed the role of James Bond.

The modern equivalent of the car, the C70, starts at $40,450 right now. Gordon only paid $4,150 for it, which, according to the Agency of Labor Statistics' inflation calculator, would be $29,436.18 with inflation.

Watching out for the car

Regular maintenance is very important to keeping a vehicle in working condition for so long, according to Gordon.

Gordon has put 5,500 miles on the vehicle per month, mostly on the highway, and has changed the oil every 3,500 miles or so. He was certified by the Guinness Book of World records as having put the most miles on a car when he hit 2 million miles, which is a record he has held since 2002. He went on an episode of the PBS NOVA series with his P1800 once and told astrophysicist Neil De Grasse Tyson that at 2 million miles, he finally swapped out the oil pump because it seemed like what you need to do.

Naturally, a few things have been changed. The motor has been rebuilt twice and the clutch has been replaced at least three times according to PBS. The trunk is stocked with spare parts at all times. The car proved it a tough cookie early on, as nothing had required replacing as of 250,000 miles, according to Wired. He regularly informed Volvo of mileage milestones and as a way of thanks, the company gave him a 780 coupe as a gift, a very rare car. He sold it after it hit 450,000 miles.

Hear what Gordon suggests

When interviewing with Castrol motor oil, Gordon gave some suggestions to everybody. He states you need to wash your car with soap regularly and wax it twice a year to keep rust away. Make sure you follow factory-recommended maintenance schedules, and you also are always better off using factory parts than independent parts. Make sure you purchase gas from the high-volume stations since no gasoline will build up condensation and other contaminants. Make sure you change the oil and filter regularly as well.

Whenever you buy an automobile that you really like, you are much more willing to take care of it, according to Gordon. He believes his car will outlive him for that very reason. Even Sir Roger Moore has been getting Volvo ever since it was used in "The Saint" and he got a P1800 for personal use, according to MotorTrend.

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